How to Wear Summer Denim

The warmer temperatures and long summer evenings might have pushed you to make some changes to your fashion collection, putting away your knitwear and other such winter garments. You may have even reached for your collection of denim and put that to the back shelf for a while; after all, surely denim is too heavy for the summer season?

Well, summer denim is a real concept and it has arrived ready for you to add to your clothing collection. Denim is incredibly versatile and can be worn easily in the summer months, just as much as in the winter. But what styles are best to choose? Here we take a look at the best ways to wear summer denim.

How to wear jeans in the summer

There is a chance you’ll look a bit silly heading out in your trusty black jeans on a hot summer’s day, so looking for alternative designs is the best way to inject some extra summer into your collection.

Jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, but looking for unique colours and styles that suit the weather is a must. Opt for lighter shades such as light blue or white jeans that will suit the temperatures outside much more comfortably. You could also consider looking for ripped or distressed jeans, as they will transform a pair of jeans into a more breathable, lightweight choice.

Denim shorts and skirts

The perfect denim alternative to jeans include shorts and skirts, which are great for wearing both at home in the sun, and abroad on holiday. Easy to wear no matter the occasion, you can opt for either retro or modern styles.

Choose denim shorts and skirts with a bit of a difference; don’t fall back to the usual, traditional blue. There are so many other shades that work wonders on a denim skirt, particularly pastel shades such as yellow, pink and lilac. Keep your eye out for distressed designs as well as asymmetric hems for extra visual appeal.

The perfect denim cover up

For when the sun hides behind the clouds, or when the evenings go a little cooler, a denim jacket is your best friend. It’s the perfect summer jacket, providing that needed layer without overdoing it.

While a traditional blue denim jacket is a timeless style, look for something unique to add to your collection. Pastel shades work well again on a jacket, giving a contemporary look to an otherwise traditional piece of clothing.

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