Summer Style Advice for Your Next Soiree

The summer is the season for creative fashion, experimenting with bold colours and prints that look so much better in the sun. As the temperature creeps up and we wait for the next heatwave, our fashion choices change and we’re all on the hunt for those pieces that will remain stylish but allow us to adjust to the season as well. Saying goodbye to our familiar and cosy knitwear, we start to embrace the summer and choose new collections to stock.

However, there is a big difference between summer holiday collections and summer soirees. One comprises of swimwear, camis and cover ups, while the other has a focus on looking your best even in the heat. To make sure your summer collection is hitting the mark, follow our style advice to make sure every soiree has the right ensemble waiting in the wings.

The summer temperatures can be impressive at times, even in the UK every now and again, giving you the chance to get even more use out of your summer collection; it’s not just for jetting off to an exotic destination, but for occasions and events in your hometown too. With the weather giving you the opportunity to be creative with your outfits, fashion really comes into its own here. So, as we enter the season of BBQs, garden parties and even weddings, it’s time you made sure your collection was up to scratch!

Embrace the season

Summer fashion collections should reflect the sun coming out to play for longer, and temperatures becoming much more inviting. Spring and summer 2017 is all about reinventing the styles we know and love, making sure that old classics become contemporary once again. You’ll see that your summer staples have had an impressive makeover using new trends, so that the next appearance at a soiree is one to turn heads.

The perfect example of this is embroidered shorts. The introduction of classic, tasteful embroidery makes even the simplest of shorts a little bit more exciting. One of the best ways to embrace the summer weather, shorts are a must-have but only if they’re eye-catching and unique.

Likewise, playsuits and co ords are summer favourites that have resurfaced. Embracing the season, they are an alternative way to take advantage of numerous trends such as cold shoulder or Bardot. Similarly, playsuits and co ords can be created using prints and textures such as paisley, lace and floral to really follow this season’s direction. Whether it’s a BBQ or a night on the town, the likes of playsuits and shorts can be dressed up or down as much as you need thanks to their versatility.

Ultimate summer ensemble

No summer collection is complete with this ultimate summer piece, and it provides the perfect outfit for any soiree no matter how formal or informal; the maxi dress. Undergoing a transformation to ensure they are a contemporary choice, maxi dresses are enhanced by side splits, lace skirts and tie sleeves.

Complete with floral prints and a flattering, flowing appearance, maxi dresses really come into their own during the summer months and we’d be surprised if you attended a garden party without seeing at least one. The maxi dress has been around since the 1960s and still shows no sign of disappearing. Paired with sandals for a daytime BBQ, or heels and clutch for a fancier affair, maxi dresses work across the board effortlessly and flawlessly.

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