Staying on Trend With the Latest in Wholesale Clothing

Parisian AW1522125

Those in the retail industry truly understand the importance of staying on trend, and finding fashionable wholesale clothing that will appeal to consumers.

Wholesale clothing providers with a fashion forward eye can single-handedly provide everything you are looking for all in one convenient location, helping you stay on top of what’s on trend and desirable, keeping up with the ever changing fashion industry and offering quality items that are attractive and current for retailers to offer to their customers. Discussed below are some of the most current trends in wholesale clothing and how Parisian has answered these trends with key items to get any retail space ready for the upcoming season.

Urban Chic

The term urban chic refers to a luxurious and contemporary look that is focussed on casual tailoring and simple shapes, and is all about layering soft pieces, all tied in neatly with a neutral palette of black, white, khaki and greys.
This season’s must have items for creating this book include the ever-popular skinny trouser, blazers and sleeveless coats and perfect examples of this trend include the Parisian sleeveless belted trench coat, as well as the faux suede skinny trouser and the open front ¾ sleeve blazer.
Statement Suede
Every fashion season has its statement look, and suede is prominent in the Autumn/Winter fashions this year. This particular trend is being worn in a variety of designs, including trousers, skirts and jackets to name a few, with many featuring a popular suede fringing. Parisian have several stunning suedette pieces that are perfect for the cool Autumn season, including the suedette tassel fringe eyelet top and the faux suede double layer V-neck cami, all perfectly suited to this popular trend.
60’s Mod Squad
Fashion, like history, always repeats itself, and this season is seeing the return of sixties retro styles. Super mod looks, including A-line mini skirts, flared jeans and high neck tops all have their place within this trend, and women’s UK fashion wholesaler Parisian offers retailers many options for bringing this trend to the streets, especially with their Bodycon dress that features front zip and a V-neck or halter neckline.
Midnight Grunge
Leather and lace, feminine meets punk is exactly what the midnight grunge trend is built around, with innocent details such as eyelets mingling with more hard core, industrial feeling accents such as studding and metal zippers. This is a look that is taking fashion a little out of the norm.
Parisian offer many edgy pieces to complete the look, including the eyelet detail bralette, their Pu Fringe biker jacket or the sexy leather look skinny trousers, bringing femininity with a bit of a harder edge.
Festival Folk
Boho styles remain a favourite trend moving into the Autumn/Winter fashion season, and Parisian offers retailers all of the pieces necessary to really bring that festival folk look to life. Casual, non-restrictive and somewhat vintage inspired best describes the festival folk trend, and it is brought to the streets in the form of fringed vests, ripped jeans, vibrantly printed dresses and suede.
70’s Free Spirit
Expanding on the boho feel of this season’s style is the 70’s free spirit look that brings influences of folklore in to update the consistently popular trend. This trend embraces fabrics and prints that are bold and rich in colour, featuring an eclectic mix of garments that make a truly luxurious statement.
Key items to achieving this look include flared trousers, lace up styles, more of the popular fringing and vibrantly printed boho blouses, like those offered by the trusted UK wholesaler of women’s fashion -Parisian.

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