It Is Time To Embrace The Double Denim

Before now, if you were seen wearing double denim you were either a cowboy or you hadn’t had chance to do your washing. But 2017 is set to be the season that double denim makes its comeback like Starsky and Hutch meets London Fashion Week.

Why Double Denim Is Making a Comeback?
With embroidered denim and patterned looks making an appearance it means that pairing denim with denim is a ‘do’ rather than a ‘don’t’. Opting for blue denim jeans with floral embroidery along the side means you can easily opt for a blue denim shirt without looking like a cowboy.

How To Style It?
One thing you do need is to make sure your outfit is perfect for the occasion. Double Denim is statement, bold but very flattering if worn correctly. That is why you need to make sure that you and your clients are dressed to impress.

Here are a few ideas of how double denim can work for your different events:

The Birthday Suit
Birthdays are special occasions when you want to get dressed up and make the most of your special day. If this is the case then opting for a denim mini skirt is a great idea. This can be styled down with a t-shirt top and trainers or dressed up with a flattering top and jewellery.

However, you could also style this skirt with a denim shirt that is elegant and stylish.

Day Wear
Trying to wear double denim for day wear is perfect when your jeans have embroidery detail. This adds a pop of colour, floral pattern and still keeps your outfit casual. Here there is a choice of black or blue denim with an embroidery pattern. This means you can wear double denim every day of the week!

Drinks/Meal With Friends
Socialising doesn’t have to mean dressing like you are ready for the red carpet. It can be a simple outfit with a denim feel that really accentuates your figure, looks amazing and leaves your friends feeling jealous.

This might work well with a denim jacket that adds a little casual twist to any outfit you or your clients and customers decide to wear.
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