AW17 Wholesale Buyers’ Guide

A recent report centred around our buying habits revealed that we spend just over £1000 a year on our wardrobes. The Great British Wardrobe Report 2017 surveyed the public, and discovered that the average woman owns around 95 items of clothing. With new clothes offering a sense of confidence and even happiness, it’s no wonder we love shopping so much. After all, it’s one of the best feelings when you buy something new and it fits you perfectly.

With AW17 finally upon us, you’re probably wondering what sort of clothing you should turn to that’s going to ensure your collection is on trend. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Trends to look out for

With autumn and winter on their way, fashion styles have adapted to the season and new designs have begun to emerge. If you need a helping hand in navigating the new designs and deciding which ones to add to your collection, let Parisian Wholesale guide you.

One of the most eye-catching trends of the season takes on a contemporary approach. It’s something you’ve probably seen before, and its set for another season of success. Sequins are huge for this season, especially as we head closer and closer to Christmas and New Year. Working across a number of styles, such as sequin dresses, it’s a trend that is perfect for the upcoming festivities but also for the couple of months leading up to it too.

Another very popular trend for this season is the check print. Whether it’s a flannel shirt or peplum skirt, adding checks is a seasonal way of upgrading simple pieces of clothing.

Even the simple designs are getting a revamp for AW17. Jeans are being updated with frill hems and even frayed styles for a unique take on traditional denim. If you’re hoping for something different this season, you’re in for a treat.

Top AW17 colours

Pantone Color Institute has revealed its colours based on catwalk shoes in New York and London. For AW17, the focus is on warm, comforting colours with a few striking, standout shades for an unpredictable season. For a surprise to your usual AW style, this year certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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